Online Jewelry Party

Hosting a ReThrive Jewelry Party has never been easier.  Together we will set up a time slot for you to take orders from your friends.  The easiest part is that your friends order online using a special party coupon code so ReThrive can track your party orders.  

All items will be shipped to you in a box, or local party hosts will pick up the order and deliver it to your buyers.  

Office or Home Party

Want to host a party at your home, office or school?  Simply pick a date, gather your friends together and shop together around your computer.  A small collection of jewelry may be pre-purchased so shoppers can buy that night.  Don't worry, if those items don't sell, we will buy them back.  Best part of all: Joyce will Facetime each hostess so your friends can meet me and ask questions during the party.  
It's so simple & so much fun. 

Meet the Artist

A meet the artist party or event is for those who love our product and mission!   Glen and Joyce offer a variety of options where we can share our story, advocate, educate and share our beautiful ReThrive Jewelry line.  

We offer: 

Inspirational Speaking Events & 

Meet the Artist Parties

More details on this blog post.

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