How to Care for your guitar string jewelry:

ReThrive Jewelry is made with the highest attention to quality and detail. The real beauty of our company is centered on the idea that recycled guitar strings can indeed make beautiful jewelry.  How long they last is determined by a couple of factors. Remember the strings are recycled, which means they have been used before. We cannot tell you their specific materials other than to say most silver strings are a blend of stainless (up to 90%) and nickel.  The gold strings are made of bronze.  The rose gold are really phosphorus bronze. Since our strings are recycled it would be impossible to tell what company made them and what their specific components are exactly.

The beauty is that the strings have a long life.  The beads may indeed wear out before the strings do. We use a blend of metals, many are pewter and they wear very well but they can show signs of wear after several years. We use stainless components whenever possible. These do not tarnish. We use stainless, silver pewter, solid copper and brass, as well as some sterling silver beads, glass and ceramic beads. 

Two of our designs use silver plated side spacers: the flower and guitar pick bracelets. It is recommended that you store these pieces in the plastic baggie they come in and to add a piece of anti tarnish paper.  Polish the silver side spacers often ( I would after each time I wear it) and place back in the baggie.  This is good for any silver plated jewelry.  

We do not guarantee guitar strings or the plastic guitar picks. They can have a beautiful life as jewelry but they may not last you forever. We recommend that you wear the pick bracelets less often than any of the other pieces. Please understand, we aren't selling you a piece of jewelry priced like gold or silver. So your expectation of the jewelry is that it's life depends on the above factors. 

It is NOT recommended that you wear your RETHRIVE jewelry in the ocean. Salt water is very corrosive, however, regular water does not hurt.  Note that pool chemicals are harsh, so I never wear our jewelry when swimming.  For best wear, avoid water except when washing your hands or cleaning the jewelry.


Copper and Rose Gold colored (phosphorus bronze) strings can tarnish depending on a person's natural body chemistry. For easy care and maintenance, use the following recipe. 
Make a simple solution of about 1/3 cup lemon juice or white vinegar, (or an equal mix of the two), 2 tsp. table salt and a few drops of dish soap. Stir to dissolve and dip your jewelry into the solution and rub gently with your fingers. The strings will quickly return to their original color.  Do NOT use this method on the tri-colored pieces of jewelry!!

DO NOT leave your jewelry in this solution more than a few seconds. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with a generous amount of liquid dish soap and water then pat dry. Repeat as often as needed.  *For extra insurance against tarnishing, (after using the above method), spray your jewelry with clear gloss enamel finishing spray! 

Bronze strings can be cleaned using Soft Scrub or scouring powder and an old toothbrush. Rinse with water and pat dry.  Repeat as often as necessary. This method can be used for silver strings too but it's usually not necessary. However, if you sweat a lot, then by all means, do use this method to clean your silver stringed jewelry. *We also recommend this method for any pieces with a mix of bronze/stainless or all three colors. 
You may notice that some strings have fret marks on them.  Fret marks cannot be removed. Keep your jewelry clean and let the fret marks add to the authenticity of the jewelry!

So there you have it.  We hope you will enjoy your ReThrive Jewelry for years to come. When they wear out, we hope you will return for a new and fresh piece with the understanding that you are support our lives as mental health advocates and you are helping Glen have sustainable income. Thank you!