Jewelry Parties

Online Jewelry Parties

Let Joyce host your party via online live video feed. There's no need for you to worry about knowing everything about our jewelry.  You and your friends gather together and Joyce will present the jewelry.  If you don't already own some of our jewelry, then you'll need to purchase a few pieces for the presentation and to sell at the party.  All other pieces will be ordered online after the show.  Our website is user friendly and easy to navigate.  Using your own special shopping code, all customers will enter this code at checkout so  we can track your total sales.  Earn free products and gifts based on sales totals.

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ReThrive Home Design/Party Event

 This is a unique home design party event concept offered by Glen & Joyce.  If you have fallen in love with Joyce's decor style and you want a FREE Room Makeover, then contact Joyce today.  This will be a limited time offer. You pay our travel expenses and we will provide a free room your living room!  Then you host a Home Jewelry Party and all your friends get to see your newly redesigned space.  Like all the other options, we bring our merchandise to you & you win FREE jewelry based on total party sales. 


Home Jewelry Parties

If you live close to Savannah and want Joyce to host your party, then why not book a home jewelry party today?   ReThrive offers a personalized shopping experience and you simply have to provide the space for this lovely event.  Joyce will bring her complete inventory of jewelry so you and your friends can touch, try on, shop and take home their purchases that night!  Best of all you shop from the convenience of home.  Hostesses Earn FREE jewelry based on total jewelry party sales.  Get your friends to book a party and you'll earn even more FREE merchandise credits.  

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ReThrive Gatherings

ReThrive Gatherings are the perfect from a Business to the Board Room. These events feature the complete essence of our company products and mission. Glen & Joyce present their story & mental health advocacy amid a beautiful display of their jewelry that will be for sale. 

In addition to sharing tips for mental health success, ReThrive will empower and encourage your office staff.  Participants are free to ask questions to gain insight into how to be better equipped for providing mental health advocacy to their co-workers or loved ones.  

If you believe your office staff, co-workers, boss or company could benefit from our story and cause, then please contact us today.  We would welcome the opportunity to share our personal recovery story with you.  

To learn more about mental health and how we advocate, please visit our blog.  

The ReThrived Home™

 The ReThrived Home™ Decor Style features Gracefully Gathered, Carefully Curated, Found Furnishings! This design style, developed by Joyce, has been deeply influenced by her life as a mental health caregiver for her husband Glen. But not only this, but Joyce remembers having a passion for the gathered style of decor ever as a young girl. She and her sister would gather items from their farmhouse home and decorate rooms in their Father's barn. They once took a small shed and created a space for parties, coloring and sharing time with friends. So this decor style is part of Joyce's story.

In spite of the many losses Glen & Joyce sustained, she has always determined to have a beautifully gathered home using unique found furnishings, vintage finds, curbside rescues & thrift store treasures. Her skills and talents, not only as a jeweler, but as a home decorator and creative repurposing designer, afforded her the privilege of being featured on the 2008 HGTV show, Rate My Space! The whole episode is no longer available but here is a clip from the show that you can still watch: click here

Do you have a gracefully gathered, carefully curated, found furnishings collection and you don't know how to put it all together? The ReThrive Home decor style is for you. Contact Joyce to learn more.