ReThrive Guitar String Jewelry


Guitar Strings Product Care

ReThrive Guitar String Jewelry is made with recycled strings using the highest quality of beads and findings possible. There are 4 colors of string: silver (can be all stainless or a mix of stainless and nickel), bronze, phosphorus bronze and copper. 


We use assorted beads & findings in our designs including: stainless, bronze, solid copper, pewter, antique silver plated, gold plate over stainless, freshwater pearls, crystals, ceramic and stone. 


Almost all bracelets are finished with stainless ends, 15mm lobster clasps and a stainless split ring chain. If gold is required, the piece has gold plate over stainless lobster clasps and a matching or stainless chain. If rose gold or copper, we use copper clasps and antique copper or stainless chains. 

*We cannot guarantee that plated materials will not tarnish. This is why we aim to use the least amount of plated materials as possible. Tarnishing does depend on how acidic your skin is. Please note that ReThrive Jewelry cannot determine how your skin will respond to guitar strings nor how the guitar strings will react to your skin.  We do recommend storing jewelry, with plated materials, in a air tight storage baggie with anti-tarnish strips. We do not provide the strips for you! You can purchase these online. 


Silver/stainless strings generally do not tarnish, however, when exposed to constant contact with salt water, any stainless material may rust over time. To clean stainless strings, use mild abrasive cleaners such as ajax, comet or bar keepers friend. A gentle rub over the strings with the cleaner and a damp cloth works wonders. Rinse with water and repeat as often as necessary. *I rarely have to clean my stainless guitar string jewelry! Please note the above comments about your skin. 

The gold colored strings are made of bronze. As bronze ages it deepens in color. The same method above my be used on these strings. You may also use Brasso Metal Polish. It works very well. Follow the directions on the bottle. 

The rose gold colored strings are made of phosphorus bronze. These strings respond much like copper and they will darken much more quickly according to your skin chemistry and or how hot and sweaty you may be while wearing the jewelry.  * Please refer to comments about your skin as noted above. You may clean these with Brasso Metal Polish. Brasso is easy to use and helps polish the strings. 

My old method uses the following recipe. It can be considered a bit harsh.
Do this at your own discretion. You will need:

a small glass bowl

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 tsp + of table salt

Mix well until salt is dissolved. Dip the jewelry in the mixture and remove. Rub your fingers over the strings and watch the tarnish vanish. Rinse in warm water and then dip the item into a bowl of baking soda to stop the chemical reaction. Cover the item in liquid soap and rinse well in warm water. Dry with a soft cloth. Repeat as often as needed.  Give it a try and let us know if it  works for you. If you do all these things, you should be able to enjoy your ReThrive Jewelry for years to come.