• Bronze Metal Bar Guitar String Bracelet

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    Each bracelet features five to six strands of recycled guitar strings running through and over the large solid brass metal bar. Wire wrapping secures the design and adds contrast.  You may choose a patina finish which is actually a paint made strictly for metal.  The piece is finished with a protective enamel spray. 

    Ends are secured with pewter or copper end caps/crimps and each bracelet features our standard finish of a lobster clasp and split ring chain. We use stainless, gold plate over stainless or copper clasps and rings.  

    Pictured left to right:
    Turquoise Patina, Dark Bronze, Dark Bronze (with colored strings), Aqua Green Patina, Coppery Patina (Solid brass plate with dark patina removed)

    *** This item is an original and exclusive design of ReThrive Designs. Artist owns all rights to these images and this design and may not be reproduced by anyone without my prior written consent.