RETHRIVE Jewelry is made with the highest attention to detail, quality and design. We use the best findings that fit our application.  Should your item break, we will repair it for a minimal fee, typically $5.00!  You will be responsible for return shipping for all replacements or repairs.  We have created a REPAIR listing for you to purchase to expedite this process.  There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES simply because you changed your mind.  The only exchanges we offer are for improper sizing.  

If  an item says delivered, your first step of action is to contact the USPS.  They are responsible for the delivery of your package.  If they are unable to produce the item, we will make sure your receive a replacement order once these steps have been taken.  You will be responsible for the additional shipping.    
****In the case of the Fender Pick Bracelets:
Buyers are advised on the wearability of these bracelets.  It is not recommended that these bracelets be worn more than once or twice weekly. If you wear this bracelet every day and then expect a repair or replacement, we will be unable to honor that. These bracelets were not designed for daily wear.