The ReThrived Home™

Sitting area in Joyce's home

The ReThrived Home™ Decor Style features Gracefully Gathered, Carefully Curated, Found Furnishings! This design style, developed by Joyce, has been deeply influenced by her life as a mental health caregiver for her husband Glen.  But not only this, but Joyce remembers having a passion for the gathered style of decor ever as a young girl. She and her sister would gather items from their farmhouse home and decorate rooms in their Father's barn.  They once took a small shed and created a space for parties, coloring and sharing time with friends.  So this decor style is part of Joyce's story.

In spite of the many losses Glen & Joyce sustained, she has always determined to have a beautifully gathered home using unique found furnishings, vintage finds, curbside rescues & thrift store treasures. Her skills and talents, not only as a jeweler, but as a home decorator and creative repurposing designer, afforded her the privilege of being featured on the 2008 HGTV show, Rate My Space! The whole episode is no longer available but here is a clip from the show that you can still watch: click here

Do you have a gracefully gathered, carefully curated, found furnishings collection and you don't know how to put it all together?  The ReThrive Home decor style is for you.  Contact Joyce to learn more.