Where does ReThrive get their strings?

ReThrive Designs uses strings from multiple sources. We take donations from guitar players all over the country and we will gladly accept yours. Visit our contact page and send us a message. We can even create jewelry for you or your loved ones using your strings. We also have a partnership with Black Diamond Guitar String Company whereby we purchase seconds or damaged strings.

Can I send you my strings for custom jewelry?

ReThrive Designs will gladly create custom jewelry for you. Please do not send us strings that are dirty, rusty or highly used. When sending strings, please clip off all coiled ends. Do NOT send the thin non-wound strings as we cannot use them. Sort your strings by color and size before shipping them to us. If these things are not done, we will charge a prep fee for your custom pieces. If donating strings, please follow these guidelines as well. 

Do guitar strings tarnish?

Tarnishing does depend on how acidic your skin is. Please note that ReThrive Jewelry cannot determine how your skin will respond to guitar strings nor how the guitar strings will react to your skin.  We do recommend storing some of our jewelry, with plated materials, in a air tight storage baggie with anti-tarnish strips. We do not provide the strips for you! You can purchase these online. 

Silver strings are about 90% stainless with small amounts of nickel. Some are all stainless. Silver strings generally do not tarnish, however, when exposed to constant contact with salt water, all stainless can corrode.  

The gold strings are made of bronze and they deepen color with age. We personally like the color of aged bronze. 

The rose gold colored strings are made of phosphorus bronze, which is a combination of bronze and copper. These strings respond much like copper and they will  patina much more quickly. 

The major factor impacting this is your skin chemistry and or how hot and sweaty you may be while wearing the jewelry. ReThrive is not responsible for how your skin may or may not react to any strings. 

How do I clean my jewelry?

We recommend Brasso Metal Polish for all strings. Brasso is easy to use and helps polish the strings. On occasion, we also use lemon juice and salt for phosphorus bronze strings. Remember to rinse well with soap and water to remove all cleaning agents. If you do all these things, you should be able to enjoy your ReThrive Jewelry for years to come. 

What beads and findings do you use?

We use assorted high quality beads & findings in our designs including: stainless, bronze, solid copper, pewter, antique silver plated, gold plate over stainless, freshwater pearls, and high quality natural stones . All bracelets are finished with non tarnish stainless, gold over stainless and rose gold over stainless clasps. 

Returns & Guarantees:

All sales are final. There are no refunds or returns. Exchanges are offered for all pieces that are sized incorrectly. 

While we cannot guarantee that guitar strings won’t break, we can say it is very rare. This is why they make such great jewelry. We have pieces that are over 8 years old and still going strong. Each design has unique bead and finding elements that may affect the life of the piece. 

We recommend the following guidelines:

1. DO NOT wear your jewelry daily without removing it at night. 

2. DO NOT wear your jewelry while swimming in salt water.  If you shower with it on, you should dry it in case your water is harsh and has rust in it. We personally never swim with jewelry on because of the chemicals in the water. It's also an easy way to lose something.

3. PLEASE learn to take it off and put it on according to the video instructions. This prevents undue stress on the ends or clasps.


ReThrive will replace or repair broken strings on your jewelry if possible, providing you have followed the above guidelines. Some designs are not possible to be repaired and therefore cannot be replaced. If a finding or claps needs repaired, please send us a message so we can determine the nature of the repair needed. If a repair is possible, will ask you to purchase the $10 repair ticket which covers repair and return shipping costs. 

How to Put On & Take Off your Jewelry

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